jueves, 12 de septiembre de 2013

A Cast of Someones

Destiny is just a maid that has been confused with someone who gives a damn

Death can only be presented as a rap musician with the "bling blings" and the stardom

Hope did a number on Broadway, Hugh Jackman danced with her... it was horrible

Sadness is a tubby guy with a magnifying glass looking to burn 'roaches

Desperation was an old man who had a plastic surgery, these days he likes to be called Life

Terror is little girl with a Popsicle on one hand and a little dog tied to her hand

Freedom has a paralysis from the waist down and usually drools when talking too much

Lust is a man on an Armani suit who gets promoted, way too soon

Fear wears a dressed, even though it's a man, but thinks otherwise, and also likes to tango

Joy used to live in Canada, had two twins and achieved nothing in life, then he moved away, alone

Wrath was with a band, a Pop band actually, but Rolling Stone said they were somewhat rock-ish

Will is a friend of a friend, who did his homework on a sitting, but confused Maths with Literature

Greed is a fanboy, a dude disguised as Han Solo, who, while wearing a vest and everything, stared

Guilt comes from Scotland, wears a kilt and lives with his mom, but is dating a really gorgeous girl though

And who the hell are you?...

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