jueves, 29 de octubre de 2015


I could be a madman,
A scientist with all the crackles,
I have this idea,
The ideal of a you, my girl.
My girl doesn't stick needles,
but gets high on my words,
doesn't ride horses nor cycles
but she is a cowgirl on my lips.
Being a scientist is not an easy task,
I've seen some blueprints,
There's the tall one, the skinny young one,
the one that makes me laugh, the sexy one...

She won't be a superstar
but the star to guide me through,
alcohol is not her tempo,
our tongues will mark the rhythm.
Blonde, redhead or bald,
I will still caress you even in your dreams,
let my fingers be the eyes of a blind man
and your body my Braille testament.
I'm not a madman due to an illness,
any of you are the embodiment of perfection,
and that's just crazy,
and I'm crazy about all of you and just one of you.