viernes, 26 de julio de 2013

The Moon

Step by step we all want to go up
We all want to reach the stars
Embrace them
Caress them
A few may reach them
Some will just pass by
Some will crash and burn
But a comet is not like a soaring star, is it?
Nor is a soaring star like an impending smile, right?
So, whenever I grin, smile, laugh
That sound, that smirk
Will blast off
Destination: not a star
It will bounce and bounce and bounce again
But it will reach its proper destination
The Moon
It's simple
It fills up a giant void, from the perspective of our earthly eyes
It's special
Cancer may bow to it, or probably some other diseases
But above all, it's beautiful
It shines
It's not a star, forget that
It's unique
It's simple, yet, amazing
No one will know its true secrets
But whenever you see it again
You will sea the Moon's spectacular smile against that dark cloak
Oh Beautiful Moon...

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