domingo, 7 de abril de 2013

And yet the flutter goes on from time to time

I barely felt the fluttering
It was a quiet wind
The resonance of many things
The undeniable storm of reasoning

Lightnings, a bit of hale, and some mist too
All in all, in the corner of my eye
I did manage to ate it all into
But it also hushed the butterfly

How come some bright things are scary
While darkness in a room can be cozy
And it is not a tale of fairies
Simple plain darkness and you, you feeling lousy

Rumbling, aching, maybe something I ate
No, nothing like that, just a whisper of something old
Not a religious person, but entitled to have some faith
May I ask for a hug or at least a kiss down below, I'm cold

JK, I wouldn't ask that from you
Although, whatever the heart desires I can give
(and the fluttering returns right on cue)
Could it be a sexual thing or that it doesn't want to leave

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