jueves, 6 de diciembre de 2012

Multi-colored boat

Funny how secrets can tag along
You seem so distant while we whisper
And sometimes I feel so alone
But it is just a a wind-rider whimper

Miserable and guilt ridden freak
You looked away and fell in love
There was this person who was geek
And you thought he was the answer from above

You mumble some things but I knew secrets weren't your forté
You were always so straightforward
But, there is no but (I say this while sipping on a latte)
time has passed, we have to move forward

Hope you had hope, wish you had your wish
No we sail away on a multi-colored boat
You chasing some other fish
Me, trying not to drop my coat

We were what we were supposed to be
But somehow along the line
You ceased to be
I grabbed my coat and said: "That's fine"

While back at the boat you caught your second
Did you enjoyed it? (I hope so)
You were shy I reckon
Now go away, go, I plead for it

Now we sink...

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