miércoles, 1 de agosto de 2012

That color

Every blue has a shade
The sea can be blue but foamy, which makes it kinda whitey
The sky can be blue but cloudy, same thing applies...
Some princesses think their blood is blue... nah, red as any mortal
Some medicines are blue, yeah--- Viagra is blue...
I got a blue pencil, and a blue marker I think...
Blu-rays are hype, but drop the "e"... is way cooler

Girls should wear pink, boys blue, but if the girl turns tomboy then what?
A Converse can be blue too you know?
Some bills are blue, currencies too

A martian or two may have blue blood (and no, they are not princes or princesses)
Sully is blue!
But whatever may be blue, the bluest thing is a feeling...

It sucks...

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