miércoles, 22 de abril de 2009

7 someones

Grumpy the stumpy
Along with the song
He came with fame
He prayed while he layed
On the bed in his head
Thinking and sinking
In thoughts around coughs
Why? I tell you why
A cigarette on the leatherette
Left a mark, like Supe when he's Clark
Shooting beams so it seems...

Rocky the Not-so-Lucky
Here now the story, of the one with no glory
He fought, and he got fucked
'Cuz in war he got on a yarn
It wasn't yummi seeing dead mommy
On a full metal coffin he knew nothing
"Life started earlier for you" - said the woman to you
He tried, but started to weep and then he cried
Blistering and aching, sobbing and fading
He finally said goodbye, are you starting to know why?...

Jaime the old timer
Is the one with the guitar, he who smells like vinegar
Or maybe is the tar of the cuban cigar
He played an old song by the name "My bastard son"
Tick-Tock said the clock
The new stain, the same old pain
He growled, yelled and frowned
Time is catching up, you are no longer a pup
Stare through, the window opens for you
Younglings running, you, I'm afraid, no longer funny
Enjoy while it last, time flies fast...

Daisy the girl that is lazy
3 a.m. and now still awake, 3:31 and watching Ricki Lake
5 a.m. making a prank call, 5:02 and going on a downfall
6 a.m. drowzy and sleepy... about time you fucked up hippy
2 p.m. awakenings, 2:30 under the bed still shaking
3:07 and she wish she was in heaven
4 p.m. time to fly, another shot to get by
5 p.m. eyes wide open, smile like a Disney token
5:30, common hallucynation:"Look, Im a Birdie"
Laying on puke 'till 7 to 11
11:30 shut down lover, 2:59 start over

Bob who's non-stop:
Smoker, robber
Fucker, lover
Drinker, potter
Believer, achiever
Liar, buyer
Raver, hater
Reader, filter
Caster, buster
Luster, rocker
Hater, murderer

Cass, our lady lass
Drumming the bong, living through the song
Going down, down, down
On you, me, both: free
Trees, leaves, grass: no fees
Headphones on, next, moving on
Skip and forward, listen onward
Try to box the shadow you minxy fox
She rhymes, although she lies
about you, me, both: greed
Oh my god, it's getting hot

Oz, last but not lost
Techno trip, while you rock my lip
Fake blips and tunes, waiting 4 the right loon
(Watching your friend(hint: he's dead))
Show me something, prove me indulging
Screams so loud, and no one's around
A dead man's waiting, and he's not hinting
He loves life, and likes what is mine
Long lost voyages, mind ravages
I know, I know
He, in the melted sand...just like... me

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